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It’s very infrequent that you will meet someone as knowledgeable as Adam. I met Adam on my first day of game design class at Capital High School. One of Adam’s standout traits is how he can point out bugs that are making the game not work and he is always able to fix it. Though even if things didn’t work out he would always give encouraging words. Any employer would be great full to have them on their game design team.


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  • What an employer would want out of an employee is professionalism and a strong work ethic. They would also want you to have strong professional social skills. They would also want you to have a good reputation. Something else they would look for is somebody that has a good work balance. They also want someone that is dedicated. They also want someone that is always looking to improve themselves in the work place.


  • I have not had a job yet.


  • Capital High School
  • Niceville High School

Top Skills

  • Problem Solving
  • Treats everyone with Respect
  • Complete all my work
  • Communication
  • Punctual



A Honor Roll Award- June 4th, 2022

5/1-5/5 Weekly Work Log TEMPLATE v.2

Session Number:5
Week Number:7
Total Estimated Hours Contributed this Week: 5
What is/was your overall goal for this week? To make another character

Work Tasks 

Date Task Description Time Spent Was / Were your choices and work Best Practices? Why? 
5/1I went on to pixel art and made a new character.1 hr This was good for me because it let me work on the design part of gaming.
5/2 I finished my character and put into a different section so I could see what I need to put in it so it can move.1 hr This was good for me because it challenged my problem solving skills.
 5/3  I was still working on what I was doing the day before but it is a hard. 1 hr  This was good for me because it really made me think it made me break things apart and put it back together just a little bit differently.
 5/4 I have decided that I don’t want to do a character so now I am thinking of what else I want to do with my game. 1 hr This is good for me because it shows me that it is okay to change plans and make different decisions.
 5/5 I am brain storming on what else I want to do. 1 hr This is good for me because it helps me think rather than just slapping something on there just because.